Regulation is an important matter and probably the most crucial factor that helps traders decide whether or not they want to sign up with a company. At Trade Room 24, we take our traders requirements and expectations seriously. We have always done our best to have everything in place that offers you more confidence in our services.

When it comes to regulation, we fully understand that it is an important part of any online financial services. Despite being not fully regulated, we have covered everything else to ensure that we are a legitimate entity providing you with proper trading services. Here is what you have to know about our legal status, regulation, and the adherence to various other policies.

Registered as a Business

Some companies won’t even approach regulation or make any efforts to be regulated because they are not registered in the first place. In such cases, you are not looking at a company at all. Instead, it is some person with a website trying to appear to be a company. However, you can be sure that regulation could be imminent in our case because we are a properly registered business.

We have registered our business so we can provide traders from around the world with authentic, reliable, and trustable trading services. The registration of a company can be proved through a license number that is issued to them upon registration. You can find that right on our website inside the footer of every page. You can be confident that you are signing up with a registered business that is dedicated to providing you with professional online trading services.

Adhering to All Industry Policies

We make it clear to every trader who joins our platform that we adhere to certain industry policies and standards. Trade Room 24 is very strict about the adherence to those policies and compliance with industry standards. Every trader who joins our platform has to go through a process of verification, which is in place for the purpose of meeting the KYC requirements. KYC standards for Know Your Customer, and the policy requires us to know every trader who joins our trading platform. We do that by asking for your identification number, banking details, physical address, and some other details at the time of signup.

In addition to that, we require certain banking documents in a particular order for you to make deposits in your account and withdraw funds from it. Again, adhering to these policies is our way of showing our traders that they can trust our trading platform and trade with peace of mind.

The Status of Regulation

We are proactively following all the necessary procedures to ensure that we earn the regulated status and offer our traders with the first point of trust as soon as they land on the website. However, we believe the process can take some time to complete. You can always give us a call and talk to a customer support representative to get the latest update on our regulation status.