Deposits and Withdrawals

When signing up with Trade Room 24, you must deposit to activate your account. After signing up, traders must deposit and withdraw regularly to continue their trading activities. Below are some methods we have chosen for withdrawing and depositing funds.

Bank Wire Transfer

Moving funds from one account to another is a safe and secure transaction with a bank wire transfer. It may take 3-5 business days to complete the process, during which the funds will not be accessible in the receiving account. Once the transfer is finished, the funds will be available for use.

Credit or Debit Card

You can easily add funds to your trading account using a credit or debit card with the Visa or MasterCard logo. The transaction is instant, secure, and requires no additional information. A single transfer can be up to $250, and the money will be available as soon as your bank provides us with a confirmation.

Internet Transfer

If you want to move funds in and out of your bank account, Neteller and Skrill offer you a convenient and highly secure way. Both of these services are easy to navigate and free of charge, allowing you to transfer money between your bank account and any other account in the world where Skrill or Neteller are accepted. So you do not have to worry about paying extra fees for transfers.

Crypto Wallet Transfer

Are you looking to move your crypto assets into the market without worrying about conversion rates or other hassles? Transferring your crypto wallet to an online trading account is a secure, speedy, and reliable way. Our service lets you transfer crypto coins without worrying about wasting money on conversion fees.

Follow These Steps for Depositing Your Funds

Need help depositing your funds? If that is the case, follow these straightforward and highly effective steps:

  • Start an account with a broker, making sure the account type lets you make your preferred trades
  • Sign in to your account and look for the page called "Deposit Funds."
  • Choose your preferred payment method
  • Once you choose the payment method, enter the money you plan to deposit, then click the "Continue" button.

Follow These Steps for Withdrawing Your Funds

If you want to withdraw some funds but do not know how to, make sure you follow these simple steps:

  • Enter your account and search for the “withdraw” button on the menu, followed by clicking on it
  • Choose your desired currency and then press the "Continue" button
  • Type in the total sum you plan to withdraw from the account. After that, choose the currency you intend to withdraw, and once you do, press the "Continue" button

These are the only steps you must follow to withdraw your funds. Remember, the process could vary for each person and take about three to five working days.