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Trader-Centric Features

Since traders created Trade Room 24, it has many features that benefit traders and help them get better at trading. Every aspect of the trading experience has been designed with you in mind, from the pricing model and accounts to the trading tools and features. So now, you don't have to be distracted as you start trading.

A Variety of Trading Instruments to Choose from

You can choose from various diverse and fun trading instruments, allowing you to properly diversify your portfolio to ensure that you can easily spread risk. From regular trading assets like forex and cryptocurrencies to more complicated ones like CFDs, you can choose from plenty of instruments. You will also have access to stocks, indices, and commodities.

Industry-Defining Security Features

We understand that there is no compromise on security, especially regarding trading. We ensure you are entirely safe when trading, so we have implemented various security features like 2-factor authentication and better encryption. With 2-factor authentication, you can rest easy even if someone happens to get a hold of your login information.

An Advanced Trading Platform with
Premium Features

Make trading so much easier and more convenient with the help of a trading platform specifically made for traders by traders. Choose from a wealth of features such as live market updates, signals, and profit calculators. All these features help you become a much more independent trader.

Choose from different Trading Accounts

Having all of the features mentioned thrown at you at once can be overwhelming, as you will not be able to learn the market fundamentals. Luckily, you can choose from different trading accounts for different skill levels, allowing you to progress as a more experienced and educated trader.

Make an Account in Three Simple Steps

Starting your trading journey and making an account has always been challenging, as you can get right up and started in as little as three steps.


Choose your preferred trading account from different options depending on your skill level.


Make your initial deposit, which can be less than $300 on the basic account.


Provide relevant documentation to prove your identity as well as your banking information.

And these three steps are all it takes to have your account up and ready to go.

What Makes Trade Room 24 Different?

Trade Room 24 is more than just your average trading platform; it is your trading platform dedicated to helping you make better trades. What makes us stand out from the rest is our:


Improved leverage of up to 1:200 on certain trading instruments


Tighter spreads that keep your returns big


Advanced trading platform that allows for a fully customized trading experience


Selection of trading instruments that allow for more diversity when trading


Better encryption and 2-factor authentication that keeps you safe when trading